Vision and Mission

To Facilitate the development of Human Resources in Pakistan with mutual cooperation with AOTS and ABK Dosokai Japan and its alumni societies.

Training Institute

Establish a comprehensive training infrastructure for professional development. We will countinuously work towards the establishment of our own building and training facilities, including a network of resource persons, both from our own members and members of other Alumni Societies. Continuous expansion in the training programs and courses, seminars etc. will be our priority. Proposed building for training institute and for the different activities such as Japanese Language classes, TQM and ISO 9000 training would be an on-going feature of the institute. The building will host offices, which will be available on rent to different Japanese organizations.


The Lahore Centre is fully inspired by the role played by AOTS & ABK Dosokai Japan for the development of human resources in developing countries. The centre will always keep the model of AOTS Japan for its own progress, development, and cooperation through building more closer ties and links with it.

Strengthing of mutual bonds

Team work is a Power. The executive members will continuously evolve and develop means and methods to strengthen the bond among AOTS members, within the country and with other alumni societies. Social gathering like AOTS Night and other such events will be enhanced from individual friendships to the family friendship.

Information Dissemination

Information Dissemination is currently one of our weak areas. World Wide Web pages have been developed by the Lahore Regional Centre on internet. Literary and business promotion material willl be enhanced progressively.


The Lahore Regional Centre will continuously take corrective actions and establish its own managment based on modern and professional management. With the assistance of financial advisors, we have tremendously improved our financial management procedure. We will continuously use our own professional skills to develop improved procedure for selection, srutinizing and running daily managemnet affairs and process.

Self Financing

Various activities are run by us. Our executive members are learning the importance of self financing. In order to expand our activities for the benefits of our own members and public in large, we will develop sources for the generation of finance and professional expertise through our own efforts. The future vision will be based on this principle. We will put our utmost efforts to make our centre more and more self financed.

WNF Inter-alumni exchange program

The Lahore Regional Centre will continuously take and give benefits to members of world wide alumni members. Efforts will be made to enhance this cooperation through more visits, taking part through WNF Inter-Alumni resource exchange programs and personal contacts.

Business Directory

The first edition of Business directory has been published to introduce its members among each other; to the Business chambers; and commerce & trade bodies, on a self-finance basis. This directory will be published annually.

All Members are requested to provide data and ads for the Business Directory as and when required. Through this media, we will promote our mutual business relations.