Introduction to the AOTS Lahore Regional Center

The Lahore AOTS Alumni Society is a non-profit private organizations and is part of a voluntarily effort founded in various parts of the world by the participants of AOTS (Association for overseas technical cooperation & sustainable partnerships) training programs with the shared experience of training in Japan. Currently 71 Alumni Societies in 43 countries have been established, and are dedicated to the economic and industrial development of their own countries and to the enhancement of friendly relations with Japan and other countries through human resources development.

AOTS Lahore regional Centre was formed under this voluntary effort in 1971 and got registered under the Society act with the government of Punjab in 1992. Mr. Hafeez Ibrahim (Late) was the founder of AOTS Lahore Regional center. AOTS Lahore regional centers activities however started early in 1971. The Lahore center has been acting as a bridge to promote the industry of North Pakistan on this Japanese platform and providing the eligible professionals to physically go to Japan and train themselves in various disciplines.

The Lahore Regional Centre is continuously taking corrective actions and has established its own management based on modern and professional lines. The affairs of the Centre are controlled by a 17 member executive committee. Various sub committees further look after the day to day affairs. Last year, with the assistance of financial advisors, the Centre has tremendously improved its financial management procedures.

The Lahore AOTS Centre has resolved to continuously use its own professional skills and commitment of its Executive committee members to further develop and improve the human resource development activities of Pakistan. The Centre also further resolves to enhance our support to AOTS Japan and continuously improve our procedures for selection, scrutinizing of potential candidates for programs offered by AOTS Japan.

We also desire to work with the AOTS Research Institute to support Japanese organizations in information needs and development of their business activities in Pakistan and vice-versa.

The Centre also manages the following self-funded activities for its alumni members.

  • Annual AOTS Cultural Night

  • Inter Industrial Exchange Program

  • Japanese Language Classes

  • B2B Interactions

  • Annual General Meeting

Year Chairman Vice-Chairman General Secretary Finance Secretary
1971-1991 Hafeez Ibrahim (Late) S.M.Kirmani/Iftikhar Ahmad
1993-1997 S.M.Kirmani/Iftikhar Ahmad Kamran Moosa Imtiaz Ahmad/Syed Nabeel Hashmi Nisar Ahmad
1997-2000 Malik Ikhlaq Ahmad (Late) Syed Nabeel Hashmi Mrs. Rizwana Ikram (Late) Nisar Ahmad
2000-2014 Malik Ikhlaq Ahmad (Late) Syed Nabeel Hashmi Razzak Ahmad Rana Mushtaq Ahmad
2015 To Date Syed Nabeel Hashmi Razzak Ahmad Rana Mushtaq Ahmad Arshad Latif

AOTS Lahore Center is located in Lahore, Pakistan. The Society runs its affairs from its self owned premises with permanent staff presence.